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We’re the best at what we do. But we’re also fun; the kind of people you’d like to have a beer with. We’re not afraid to take chances and be innovative. We care deeply about our people and our customers.

We’re capable, confident, fun, customer and employee focused, and dedicated to our National Defense… are you?

Capable, Confident Professionals

We embrace new challenges and deliver results for our clients. Above all, we do work we can be proud of.

Fun & Innovative

Innovation requires creativity and a willingness to take chances. We make sure we’re fostering these concepts at Fuse.


Our team is committed to each other. We understand the importance of work-life balance, and help our people reach their career goals.

Dedicated To The Mission

We’re in the defense contracting business: the defense of our country and its interests are the focus of our professional lives.

Advance Your Career With Fuse

Do you have a technical background, the appropriate clearance levels, and would like to be considered for possible future employment opportunities? Please review our current openings and submit your resume.