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About Fuse Engineering

So, where did Fuse Engineering come from?

Well, Fuse Engineering actually has two origin stories – making us significantly superior to the average superhero.  No radioactive spiders, though.  Spiders are gross.

The Secret Origin of ClearShark:

About twelve years ago, Martin Bentz and Kefton Schermerhorn were contracted by a shadow government agency operating out of Area 51 to create a new species of invisible attack sharks.  There were some bugs in the shark containment system, however, and all the sharks escaped into the wild.  That’s when ClearShark LLC decided to get into the information technology consulting business instead; and when Martin and Kefton stopped swimming in the waters around San Diego.  Well, actually that’s not what happened, but I sort of wish it had.  Martin and Kefton are both long time veterans in government IT services at Fort Meade, who had worked for the government and for larger companies in industry for years.  These professional experiences were a bit of a mixed bag; so Martin and Kefton decided to start the company that they would like to work for.  Thus ClearShark was born.  It was a company that attracted the very best engineering talent with a great culture of fun and mutual respect.  ClearShark turned into a great small business success story over the years.  And then they hired Sid Hall, which made everything at least an order of magnitude better.

The Amazing Origin of CRG:

Jason Miller, once a mild mannered jarhead – ahem, U.S. Marine – volunteered for a dangerous assignment testing a unique Super Marine Serum (composed, as it turns out, mostly of jet fuel and grape Pop Rocks).  Jason was the only Marine to survive the process with most of his marbles intact.  After the serum took effect, Jason was able to lift a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter overhead with one hand.  Sadly, the Marine Corps mad science division forgot to reinforce Jason’s spine to withstand the strain, and he suddenly found himself a medically separated civilian with a very sore back.  (By the way, all of that = 100% true story.)  The newly civilian Jason went to work as a government employee for several years, working in the cyber security space.  In 2009, he started up an outfit called Critical Resources Group, LLC.  Jason’s goals were eerily similar to Martin’s and Kefton’s goal: He wanted to create a company that he would like to work for.  CRG was founded to recruit great engineering talent and good people who could help the customer solve critical mission problems; and it succeeded.  And then Jason met Sid Hall, which made his life at least an order of magnitude better – even though he didn’t realize it at the time.

In 2014, CRG and ClearShark decided to join forces to create a new entity called Fuse Engineering, LLC.  The goal of Fuse is simple: To be the very best IT professional services company in the industry.  And Sid Hall became the President of Fuse, which made everything at least an order of magnitude better.  Probably more.

In 2015, Fuse Engineering was named a Top Workplace by the Baltimore Sun Media Group. Not only were they on the list, but in true Fuse form, they made the top five (out of 65) list for small business!

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