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Enterprise Data Storage Systems

Fuse engineers have the real-world experience and expertise to design and build enterprise-class data storage infrastructure that operates at the highest levels of performance and reliability, regardless of the complexity of the mission requirement. Fuse engineers have deployed hundreds of petabytes of primary storage assets ranging from traditional monolithic Tier 0 and Tier 1 block storage arrays, to object storage systems spanning continents, to clusters of thousands of hyper-converged nodes. Our team has the practical, battle-tested skills necessary to design, build and manage the most challenging of data storage infrastructures in support of some of the world’s most critical missions.

Having oceans of data at your fingertips doesn’t provide much real benefit if all of that data is trapped by underperforming data transport infrastructure. Given the relatively short useful life-span of many data, moving data quickly, efficiently and reliably within your analytic apparatus and throughout your wider IT infrastructure is critical. Our engineers have developed and implemented dedicated data transport fabrics for high-performance storage subsystems. They use a variety of technology platforms and protocols including fibre channel switched storage which includes fibre channel switched fabric, iSCSI over 10Gb/40Gb/100Gb Ethernet, IP/RDMA/NVME over Infiniband, and many other permutations.

We have designed and built hundreds of enterprise-class file services solutions for NFS and CIFS/SMB clients using technology from industry leaders such as NetApp, Oracle, Nutanix, Dell/EMC, HPE and IBM. File services solutions such as these remain a vital part of many enterprises, in spite of the fact that the world is experiencing a shift toward cloud-based solutions from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud providers. Based on our vast experience providing critical file services solutions to our customers, our engineering team at Fuse can help determine which data sets and workloads are appropriate for on-premises solutions and which are more appropriate to reside on a cloud platform.