Server Virtualization & Consolidation

In 1998 a little company named VMware cracked the code for virtualizing the x86 processor architecture, successfully trapping and translating Ring 0 CPU commands from the operating system kernel, making it possible for multiple operating systems to run natively within a single hypervisor. That little trick changed the world.

Fuse was an early adopter of VMware server virtualization, and we’ve successfully designed and built large, complex virtualized server infrastructures, migrated thousands of physical servers into the virtual world, and saved our customers a great deal of money, power, space, cooling, and man hours. We have experienced VMware Certified Professionals on staff, and, since we’ve had so much success helping our customers embrace server virtualization, we are always looking for more.

The Fuse team’s engineering skills in the areas of server virtualization have allowed us to assist our customers with not only improving data center efficiency, but also with the creation of the technology foundations necessary to establish a Utility Cloud Services Model (Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service IT resource delivery models). We have enabled our customers to improve time to delivery of an IT resource by an order of magnitude (minutes or hours instead of days or weeks).

Desktop virtualization has also become a more and more compelling business case over the last several years.  Enterprises are widely implementing desktop virtualization in an effort to achieve improvements in desktop management and security.  The Fuse team has extensive experience in helping customers to overcome the challenges of successfully and cost-effectively implementing a desktop virtualization solution using leading technologies such as VMware’s View and Xen Desktop.

In addition to our in-house expertise in server and desktop virtualization, Fuse can leverage its strong partnerships with key vendors like VMware to provide reach-back into vendor engineering and development teams.