Corporate Culture

Defining Our Swagger

Not everyone is Fuse material. Our standards are high and our customers expect nothing less. We’re top notch, high speed, low drag professionals… are you? If so, you’re the right fit for us, and Fuse is right for you.

Core Values: What Makes Fuse Different

If you ask ten people to describe the core values by which they live their lives, you’ll definitely get ten different answers. Everyone at Fuse needs to be on the same page with regard to the things we value corporately. It’s always a challenge to distill these things down to a few sentences, but here goes:

  • The customer is the reason we’re all here
    The customer is always our #1 focus.  They deserve and will get our very best efforts.
  • Be outstanding
    Mediocrity is available in depressingly large quantities, and we don’t want to help glut the market. We are mavericks and excellent at our jobs.
  • Be honest
    Keeping all those lies straight is murder anyway. Just shoot straight, with yourself and everybody else.
  • Don’t be a jerk
    You know what being a jerk looks like.  Don’t do it.  Being a jerk sucks for everyone.
  • Confidential means just that
    Protecting sensitive information is an important part of our business. If someone trusts you with confidential information, keep it to yourself.
  • Add value
    If you’re not bringing something to the team what are you doing? And why would anyone pay you to do it?
  • Enjoy life
    Work is important. You should work hard and do great things. But then go home and hug your kids. Take a vacation; play hooky and go to a baseball game every now and then; enjoy life while it’s going on. This isn’t a dress rehearsal – this is the big show!